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bintec Secure IPSec Client Software Update Licence Key

If you are using a Secure IPSec Client and you want to update (charged) to a new version, here is the place to create the needed licence key for the update.

Please use this page to generate a new license key for the bintec Secure IPSec Client using your update key, which you have purchased.

bintec Secure IPSec Client
bintec Secure IPSec Client Hinweis

The bintec Secure IPSec Client licenses consists of eight digits. It always starts with the digits 220.

The Online update activation will not change the original serial number of the bintec Secure IPSec Client software.
It creates a new activation key, which enables the additional features of this update.

Therefor please enter the serial number of the bintec Secure IPSec Client and your update key at the provided fields at the form below. Complete this transaction by clicking the send button.

Afterwards the new license key will be displayed. Please enter this key at the clients monitor menu at the menu item "Help -> License info and activation".
Otherwise you can use the existing license key. In this case the license server will exchange it during the activation automatically.

Your Licence Key

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