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To order a bintec elmeg support ticket, please choose the wanted amount of the desired articles at the following list, click on "Continue (address data)". At the following page please enter your address data and click on "Continue (data validation)". Then check your order and click on "Place Order".
You will receive an e-mail to the given e-mail address with all your order data for another review. If you like to order these articles, then click on the link at the e-mail to complete your order.

bintec elmeg Tickets:

Order size Artikle number Articlel Usage Price excl. VAT Price incl. VAT
659 TICKET1PREMIUM Single Support Ticket Premium 80,00 € 95,20 €
660 TICKET3PREMIUM Triple Support Ticket Premium 180,00 € 214,20 €
661 TICKET5PREMIUM 5 Support Tickets Premium 285,00 € 339,15 €
662 TICKET10PREMIUM 10 Support Tickets Premium 550,00 € 654,90 €
665 TICKET1EMERGENCY Single Support Ticket Emergency 120,00 € 142,80 €
666 TICKET3EMERGENCY Triple Support Ticket Emergency 270,00 € 321,30 €
667 TICKET5EMERGENCY 5 Support Tickets Emergency 427,50 € 508,72 €
668 TICKET10EMERGENCY 10 Support Tickets Emergency 765,00 € 910,35 €

Please note:

  • After clicking " Continue (address data)" you will be forwarded to the address data form. Afterwards you will get an overview of your ordered articles with price quotation. The order will not take place before your validation.
  • The invoice is due immediately and will be drawn up via email.
  • One ticket contains 1/2 hour. Every entered 1/2 hour will be billed with one ticket. Undrawn tickets will lose validity 2 years after purchase.
  • Please note: our service, brought to you by technical support, is no warranty for solving the problem successfully. Possibly arising configurations at the LAN or of foreign components are not included in the service.
  • Terms and conditions of bintec elmeg GmbH apply. Valid for orders as of 20. September 2013. Subject to change. Errors excepted.
  • It could take approx. 1 - 2 days until the bought ticket will be available at the support system.

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