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bintec elmeg Software/Hardware Licencing

Here you may create a licence key for your software licence

Through this page you may request a licence key for the software functionality you ordered and received.

The Online Licencing associates the licence serial number with the hardware serial number of the router and generates a unique licence key. Once the licencing has been accomplished, the Software Licence can not get assigned to another router any more. But you may ever repeat the licencing in case you should miss or have lost the licence key.

You will need for this transaction:

  • The Hardware Serial Number of your equipment, which may be found on the type label of your hardware
  • The licence serial number (licencing document)
  • The respective PIN Code for your safety, that the licence you purchased will be assigned to you only, e.g. for support (licencing document)
  • Your email address

Your licence key will be displayed after this transaction. You may receive your licence key information via e-mail in addition. Please configure the received licence key in your router to activate the software functionality.

Following licence keys may be created:

  • be.IP plus - license package
  • VDSL (für bintec RS353x Serie)
  • elmeg hybird Lizenz
  • WLAN Controller Lizenz (für bintec RS123x, RS353x, R-Serie, RXL-Serie, WI-Serie und W1002n)
  • Fax Lizenz für bintec RT4402
  • X25 Lizenz
  • X25 enhanced Lizenz
  • VPN/PPTP Lizenz
  • HEA RXL12500

Please find the Hardware Serial Number at the type label of your hardware

Please find the Licence Serial Number on your licence document

Please find the PIN Code below the Licence Serial Number at your licence document

Please use valid email addresses only. Otherwise your licence key will not reach you.

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